Help Support San Diego Seniors

Forming or joining a team is a great way to experience “Wiggin’ Out for San Diego Seniors”, our 1 Mile Walk/5k Fun Run benefiting Meals-on-Wheels Greater San Diego, Inc. The camaraderie you'll feel from your friends, family members or coworkers, while helping our homebound and isolated seniors, is like no other. By forming a team, you will become the designated Team Captain and in charge of rallying your peers.

If you, and/or some of your friends, can’t join us for the event, you can still help us fundraise for our cause by creating a team or by donating directly! We encourage you to start now – ask at least one friend to join or help you today.

TO JOIN AS A TEAM CAPTAIN: You must first create your own personal page and then opt to become a Team Captain. Simply click the Start Fundraising box above to begin.

TO JOIN AN EXISITING TEAM: If your Team Captain’s team is amongst the top 5 teams in funds collected to date, it will be listed in the right hand column of this page. Click on your team and follow the instructions to create your personal page. You must create your own personal page first and then you will be connected to the team.

If you don’t see your team listed on this page, simply search for your team in the search box above.

TO JOIN AS AN INDIVIDUAL: It is not required that you be part of a team to help us raise money for homebound seniors. Simply click the "Start Fundraising" box above to create your own personal page.

NEED HELP? Contact Us at 619 260-6110
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